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1-1/4" BIG TUBE

Basic Package

2022 MSRP $1949.99

Essentials Package

2022 MSRP $2499.99

Advanced Package

2022 MSRP $2849.99

Powder Coated Frame - Satin Black
ARD Steering Lock Kit
All Basic Features Plus:
Choice of G1, G2 or G3 Steering Wheel
All Basic & Essentials Features Plus:
Billet Pedal Grips
32" Zinc Plated Axle
NeXgen Fiberglass Seat
Mychron Tach Bracket
MCP Billet Brake System
ARD Fiberglass Body Kit
Front Hub Bearing Shield Kit
UC206 Bearings
Lightweight Rear Hubs
ARD Steering Fairing Bracket
Smoke or Clear Steering Fairing
1/2" Lug Nuts
Sprocket Guards
Ultra-Free Front Hubs
Lightweight 6-Bolt Sprocket Hub
EZ Start Studs
ARD Rear Adjustable Seat Struts
Choice of 2.5QT or 3.5QT Fuel Tank
Six Aluminum Lock Collars
Adjustable Length Steering Shaft
Adjustable Rear Wheel Base
ARD Engine Mount Kit
ARD Body Hardware Kit (Dzus Style)
120L #35 Chain
Fiberglass Foot Pan
Adjustable Front Lead/Lag
Adjustable Rear Axle Ride Height
Adjustable Offset Steering Upright
Adjustable Caster/Camber
Weight Jacker Front Kingpins
Stainless Bumpers & Nerf Bars
Stainless Pedals
Stainless Seat Sliders
Stainless Steering Shaft
Silver Zinc Hardware
Throttle Cable Kit
Catch Can with Bracket
Braided Throttle Cable Housing
Vinyl Nose Valance & Hardware
Choice of #35 Sprocket 54t-70t
5ft of Tygon Fuel Line & Fuel Filter
Transponder Bag
Lead Weight Bolt Kit
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