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Driver Requirements


- All drivers are to race clean and respectfully at any PROS sanctioned event. This includes points races and non-series hosted/fun races.


- All drivers are responsible for their internet connections. A driver can be given an EOL Penalty, Black Flag, or Disqualification at any time for internet connection issues that could cause problems on-track.


- All drivers are required to have a microphone that is in working condition & must be able to communicate while racing.


- Discord Voice Chat is mandatory during pre-race meetings & on track racing.


- Drivers must be 17 years of age to run a PROS event. Drivers under 17 years old must get consent from their parent guardian. Please contact an Admin of this league if this may occur.


- Drivers are encouraged to use a steering wheel & pedals but we will accept the use of a game-pad (ie. Xbox, PS5) and that is the is the farthest thing from a wheel that is allowed!


- Drivers are required to have their entry fee payment completed before taking a spot in the MAIN EVENT hosted server. Drivers that fail to do so, will be removed and Black-Listed from PROS.


- PROS admins and officials reserve the right to discuss, discipline, and/or remove any driver from the series if the driver fails to meet the above requirements during any PROS sanctioned event.

Qualifying Procedures and Regulations


- PROS will be using a regular qualifying procedure with 2 laps.


- Driver chatter will be disabled in-game & Discord main lobby's.


- There will be no revving / heating the engine during qualifying. Drivers that do not follow this rule will be Disqualified from the event, with no refund of entry. 

- Drivers will not attempt to backup down pit road to get a run on there out lap. You must make forward progress  from where you are grided.


 Original Starts & Restarts


- There will be NO starting the race from the Pits, unless hardware related failure caused you to do so. Any driver who fails to do this will result in a black flag served under green flag conditions.


- All starts/restarts will be double file with lapped cars at back of field. Single file restarts may be implemented at race director's discretion.   


- The leader has lane choice for any start/restart. The leader is to tell the field which lane they will be restarting when the field takes the one to green.


- The leader is allowed to start the race at any point when the pace car is 100% below the white/yellow line and or OFF the racing surface (aka the apron) If the leader receives a black flag during this point, it is considered a jump and they must serve the penalty.


- The leader cannot check up the field. Once the leader commits to starting the race, they have to go. No speeding up or slowing down. Failing to do this will result in a black flag served under green flag conditions.


- No Lagging back on ANY Start or Restart of Race. Competitors must keep no more than .02 away from each other entering turn 3 of a start/restart. Failing to do this will result in a black flag served under green flag conditions.


- No switching lanes on any start/restart until the driver has crossed the start finish line. Failing to do so will result in a black flag under green flag conditions.


- If a driver in the front row jumps a start or restart they will serve a black flag served under green flag conditions.

Green / White / Checker Restarts


- Every Race will finish under green flag conditions; No exceptions.

- Once the white flag is out, the race will be raced back to the start/finish line.



- Manual Cautions will be thrown at race director's discretion only.


- Admin cautions will only be thrown if an Admin can verify at least two cars have wrecked. Admin cautions will not be thrown for any single car spins, unless that driver is blocking the track.


- When a caution comes out, drivers not involved are to slow their speed responsibly and try to avoid contact.


- Drivers involved in an accident should try to regain control of their cars and try not to involve any other drivers. This means locking and holding the brakes to allow other drivers with 4.0 seconds around you in any direction to safely maneuver around you. Once all cars have safely passed you may return to the pacing line. Failing to do so will result in a 2 minute penalty served under green flag conditions.


- During cautions, drivers are to stay to the inside of the track to leave room for the lucky dog/wave-arounds.


- The Lucky Dog will be given to the first driver one (or more) laps down, assuming he didn’t cause the caution. iRacing will make the judgement call on who-is the lucky dog at time of caution.  


-If any driver intentionally hits the lucky dog driver under yellow to take away his wave, will result in an automatic DQ from the race.


- Wave around's will be available to any driver that falls out of the race due to internet connection issues to get them back on lap they were on when they fell out. This will only take place on the next available caution, unless an iRacing glitch happens where 25% off the field drops out, an admin caution will be thrown until race is back in order.


- Any driver that makes contact with another driver under yellow due to swerving, scrubbing or warming your tires, or just makes contact by not paying attention you will be given a black flag that will be served under green.


Pitting / Pit-Stops

- You MUST still abide by the commitment cones.

-You must be on the bottom lane or close to the bottom lane to make the transition to the apron. Pitting from the extreme outside lane is not permitted.

-Drivers must stay on the outside lane of pit road until they are 4-5 pit stalls away from their stall. At this time, the driver may drop to the inside lane.

-You are not permitted to drive through cars in pit boxes to get into your pit box. You are free to drive through them on exit only. Drivers are allowed to drive through a maximum of 4 stalls on exit of a pit-stop.

- If an incident is caused by a driver diving into their pit stall from the outside lane, that driver will be responsible.

- Racing on pit road at pit road speed is permitted. Drivers must exit pit stalls safely. If you pull out of the pit stall and cause an incident you will be given an EOL under yellow flag conditions or a Black Flag under green flag conditions.

- You are required to use voice chat to indicate your intention to pit when in traffic before entering turn 3 under green flag conditions.


- If, under caution, any driver goes to fake pit, or goes off track onto the apron or any other unused piece of track, and comes back onto the track and makes contact with another driver, the said driver will be given a black flag that will be served under green.

- Drivers who cause an incident merging back onto the race-track under green flag conditions will serve a Black Flag for 2:00 Minutes.


Incidents / Penalties / Appeals / Misc.


- Deliberate, intentionally malicious, and/or retaliatory wrecking is prohibited. Competitors who believe that they have been victims of such action – and those competitors who believe that they have witnessed such action – are strongly encouraged to notify an admin and submit a protest via DISCORD. A replay will need to be submitted in order to accept the protest.

- Race officials reserve the right to issue penalties in accordance with the established rules, but are not limited to those rules and reserve the right to make judgment on any behavior deemed unsportsmanlike.

- Damaged cars and/or off pace cars must stay off the racing line or move to the apron to avoid traffic. Cars that cannot maintain race speed may be asked to park at the discretion of the race official. Minimum speed will be announced during the drivers meeting of any PROS event.

- All protests must be filed within 10 minutes of the checkered flag of any PROS race. Any Protester must finish in a Payout Position in order to file a protest.

- There will be NO PROTESTS and/or Appeals once the race is OFFICIAL.

- Once drivers have taken the checkered flag, you still may not wreck another car or make contact with another car.   

Thanks for submitting!

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